First Appointment - Veil Studio Styling Session

We are delighted to offer you an appointment in our Visionary Veils Studio Space. Your appointment will will give you plenty of time to relax and enjoy working on your wedding veil design. In this appointment we will be working to create a wedding veil design that complements your wedding gown. We will be trying on our range of sample veils and looking at options for your own unique wedding veil design.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Second Appointment

This second appointment is for our Brides who have commissioned a bespoke design and have confirmed their commission. You will visit our studio with your wedding dress to finalise the final design details. If you have been able to bring your wedding dress to your first appointment you will not need to book a second date.

Duration: 1 hour

Veil Collection Appointment

This is the most exciting appointment - collecting your wedding veil. Book a collection time that works for you.

Duration: 30 minutes

Zoom Online Veil Appointment

We have created wedding veils for Brides living all over the world. If you are living outside Ireland and would like to get in touch then is the perfect first step. Book a call that start the process to create the Wedding Veil of your Dreams.

Duration: 30 minutes

Phone Consultation

Rebekah would be delighted to book a phone call appointment. This appointment will allow you to ask any initial questions you might have about the process of having a wedding veil designed.

Duration: 15 minutes

Veil Restoration Appointment

Rebekah is delighted to offer this unique service to restore, repair or redesign an existing wedding veil to create a truly unique family heirloom. During this appointment we will explore the options to breath new life into your existing wedding veil.

Duration: 1 hour

Sample Sale Veil Appointment

This appointment will be in our gorgeous veil studio and will allow you to have a look at our sample sale veils that are currently available.

Duration: 45 minutes

Communion Veil Styling Appointment

I am delighted to offer you an appointment in our Visionary Veils studio. This appointment will give you and your daughter time to relax and enjoy choosing your communion veil. In this appointment we will be working to create a communion veil that complements your daughter communion dress. You will be trying on our range of sample communion veils and going at options for her own unique communion veil design.

Duration: 1 hour

Birdcage Veil Studio Appointment

We are delighted to offer you a studio appointment to try on our selection of birdcage veils. This appointment will last one hour.

Duration: 1 hour

Veil Delivery - Bring your veil to me

If you have already spoke to Rebekah and have booked her services for a veil restoration design or veil repair design then please selected a time and date that to drop your veil to Rebekah at her veil studio.

Duration: 30 minutes

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